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Frumpy Mom to Fashionista?


I have a confession. For the past two and a half years I have not bought any new clothes. Well, at least nothing fashionable. My current wardrobe consists of  tired t-shirts, capris, jeans and sneakers that I’ve gotten used to wearing while chasing my son around the house. Sometimes I just don’t see the point, because I usually end up with dirt, peanut butter, snot or just about any other icky substance smeared on my clothes by the end of the day.

With the holidays approaching, and with it a New Year, I am going to try and dress like I did before I had a kid. I’ve never been a fashionista, but I did like having tops, bottoms and shoes that matched and were clean. Thing is, I’m not quite sure what my style is anymore. When I see younger women walking around town in micro-minis and platform shoes it makes me cringe.  I’ve grown accustomed to a certain level of comfort I’m not willing to give up entirely.

To gain some inspiration, I’ve been browsing Pinterest for ideas to fill my closet and find some trendy clothing for women that dresses up my casual style. Here’s one I love:

I love this combo! The splash of blue-green really pops against the black and grey clothing.

For the Fall months, this red really stands out! I also love the cut of this coat which should compliment my petite frame. The extra height on the shoes also helps a short girl like me!

I think this style is the most “me.” While it isn’t very different from what I wear now, I like that just a few little touches – like a leather bag, a scarf and some bling – help make a relaxed outfit more fashionable and trendy.

So, can this stay-at-home-mom become a fashionista? Well, probably not. I really don’t have it in my genes. However, I know I can dress up my current look and shed my frumpy mom persona for one that is a bit more stylish. What about you? How would you define your sense of style, and do you need a re-vamp too? Leave a comment!

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During the year, retailers’ discounts tend to slow down and sometimes stop all together. That’s why you haven’t heard too much from us lately…we don’t want to clog your email inbox with mediocre deals. But fortunately, with the 2012 holiday season approaching, the deals drought will soon be over! Sarah and I are hoping to once again bring you excellent bargains on brand-name products that will save you money.

This year we will be bringing you deals in a different way and we hope you stick with us! Many times deals go so quickly they expire by the time we write out a long post for the blog. This holiday season we will be posting direct links to the deals on our Facebook page as quick as we can get them up. If you do not already follow us on Facebook, please “Like” us at and make sure you have us in your news feed! Deals come so quickly during the holidays that we will probably post several times each day and you won’t want to miss out on a single bargain!

We appreciate all of you loyal readers and thank you for sticking with us even during the slow times. We’ll do our best to help you have a wonderful (and cheap!) holiday season! If you have any questions for us or would like us to keep an eye out for a particular product, leave us a comment and let us know!

Clearing Away The Clutter

Right now my house looks like a bomb hit it (and last December it sure seemed like it did). In the last several months alone we had our thirty-foot elm tree fall over and uproot half of our front yard and a windstorm that tore the back patio to pieces. The inside of the house is just as bad since I still have holiday gifts sitting under my living room table and clutter has piled up in every square inch of free space. If I don’t take care of it soon I’m afraid my relatives might call that show Hoarders and have some sort of intervention.

Spring has sprung and it’s time to get the house back in shape. The yard, both front and back, are now put back in order. Sod has been installed and the exterior of the house seems whole again (and just plain clean). Seeing the house look good on the outside has motivated me to clear out and organize the interior. Time to take everything out and sort, trash and organize.

The first order of business is to clear out the clutter by getting rid of a lot old kids clothes and toys at consignment. Since my son goes up a size every few months I’ve accumulated tons of shirts, shorts, pants and shoes that he can’t wear. Toys pile up quickly too! I think I could supply Santa this Christmas with what I have squirreled away. At consignment, I’ll be able to get rid of my surplus, earn a few dollars, and make room for the items I actually need and use on a regular basis.

After I de-clutter the house, it’s time to clean. You know the kind of clean I mean – the kind where you move the big furniture into the middle of the room. It’s been a couple years since I’ve done it and boy does it need it. My favorite cleaning tool is my husband. Yes, my husband. I could name a dozen mops, brooms, dusters and solvents and nothing is as effective as having someone help with a task as large as this. When he helps clean it makes the work not only go faster, but better. Hubby actually does a better job of cleaning than I do most of the time, and the fact that he’s over six feet tall compared to my hobbit-sized 60″ height is a huge bonus. Bye-bye cobwebs in the corners of the room!

The final step is to get organized, the part I probably like the most. After organizing everything into new totes, boxes, bag and jars I feel like I’ve just conquered Everest. All shoes have their place, cupboards are neatly arranged so I can access items quickly, drawers actually have room to put clothes in them. This year I am hoping to get some really cool closet organizers I’ve seen and love. If only I could make enough from consignment to create one of those custom closets – that would be a dream come true!

With Spring already here, have you cleaned up your home? What are some of your favorite ways to get organized? Leave us a comment and let us know!

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Easter is a great occasion to send someone you love a nice bouquet of flowers. Visit Groupon to stretch your fresh flower dollar with their offer from For $15, you get $30 worth of flowers and gifts from FTD. Visit the Groupon deal page for all the details.

Plugged In Pet Shopping

I love animals and have owned dogs, cats, chickens, rabbits, birds and a hamster (Bo, named after John Schneider’s character on the Dukes of Hazzard). Back then we went to our local discount stores like Gemco or Fedco to stock up on food for the critters and even periodically went to the feed store to purchase hay to keep our animals warm in their hutches and homes.

These days I only have one dog and a few outdoor tweety birds to care for and while I still go to the discount store to pick up food, I now plug in my computer and shop for all the other supplies I need online. The Internet offers so many different pet supply websites you could buy everything from housebreaking aids to horse equipment. My last purchase was glucosamine chondroitin for my aging dalmatian who has arthritis in her back. Without the Internet, I am sure I would have paid a lot more for the bucket of chews that help keep her joints working well and walking every night. I’ve also purchased a rain coat, flea treatments, an elevated pet bed, and many other items for her – all at great prices that beat my local discount and pet stores.

I think the best thing that has happened by joining the pet world and world-wide web is the ability find and adopt a suitable pet. Many shelters and organizations now have the ability to post photos, profiles and forms online for prospective pet owners to peruse. It’s kind of like a dating site for animals! With this technology, a sheltie in Sacramento might find its forever home with a single lady in Oregon – something that would never have happened without getting plugged in. Talk about a win-win! If you want to provide a loving home for an abandoned animal, please consider using one of these online pet adoption sites. It will do your heart good.

Have you scored any great pet deals online? If so, let us know! We’d especially love to hear if you adopted an animal you found online…we love stories that have happy endings.


Active Toys for Toddlers

fisher price i can play basketball

My son will be two next month. His activity level this last year has shot off the chart – he runs, throws & kicks balls, slides, digs…if you have a toddler, you know what I’m talking about. It’s necessary to keep the little ones active and burn off all that energy before bedtime. Lately I’ve been looking online for outdoor toys that are fun and will also keep him active.

The first active toy I’d love to have is a climber. When I was little our “climber” was a tree. Now you can get monstrous molded plastic climbers that have rock walls, slides, and hidey-holes that provide hours of physical fun for kids. I have a smaller backyard so I’d have to opt for a compact version – a simple ladder, slide and swing combo, perhaps. In looking at online retailers, climbers can be pricey. I think my best option is to check CraigsList or visit a consignment sale and get one gently used.

The second item I believe Jack would enjoy is a basketball hoop. Lately he’s been taking balls, throwing them into containers, then squealing with joy when he dumps them out. Jack seems ready to throw balls through a hoop & chase them down. Fortunately there are lots of adjustable basketball hoops on the market that would fit the bill. His birthday is coming up soon and I will probably purchase a basketball hoop made from molded plastic that starts at about three feet high and grows with him.

The last active toy I think Jack would  enjoy is a trampoline. Decades ago, there was a mini-golf course near our house that had eight huge in-ground trampolines my sister and I spent (what seemed like) hours jumping around on. Those things were the best and the memory brings a smile to my face.  Fast-forward to today, where you can not only get full-size trampolines, but they now have toddler-sized trampolines with grab bars on them. It’s amazing how times change, but still stay the same. Jack would probably have a blast bouncing his brains out. Santa may have to stuff one in his sleigh this year.

What active outdoor toys have you purchased for your kids? Which do they love the most? Let us know!

Shopping For a Valentine

Candy Hearts

“Valentine’s Day is so depressing!” – a phrase I hear commonly from single friends this time of year.  There’s nothing like a million commercials about chocolate, flowers and jewelry to remind you that you’ll be spending the evening drowning your sorrows with ice cream and chick flicks.  Honestly as a mom of three young kids I don’t get too excited about the day either.  I so need a babysitter – and more money in the budget so that if my husband did happen to surprise me with some sort of fantastic gift, my first thought wouldn’t be “we can’t afford that!”   I think I’d better stock up on ice cream too…and figure out which chick flick my husband might tolerate.

I’d love to see my single friends (and a few family members) find their perfect Valentine.  While they say that love will find you when you least expect it, it can’t hurt to let it know you’re open to the idea, right?  More and more people in my life have turned to online dating sites in their search for Mr. or Ms. Right.   The internet has become the go-to in almost every major aspect of life it seems, it has opened up possibilites in dating for parents and busy professionals.  No longer do you need to hang out in bars, beg your friends to set you up on blind dates (alright so maybe nobody begs for that) or pin your hopes on finding love at the grocery store.  It takes Shopping In Your PJs to a whole new level, doesn’t it?

Do you know any online dating success stories?  If so, please share.  We’d love to hear them.  Maybe you can help me convince my mother to get over her fear of stranger danger and see who might be out there waiting!


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Practical Gifts are Good Gifts

I know there are plenty of women out there who love to get jewelry and other expensive gifts. I like those things too, but most of the time if my husband gets me birthday or anniversary gifts that are pricey I end up wondering what else we could have done with the money. Are you that way too? Diamond rings are wonderful to look at but I’d rather have something that really helps me around the house or allows me to relax a bit.

When I first met my husband I think he understood I wasn’t a fancy girl and leaned to the practical side.  That year he bought me a fabulous birthday gift that keeps on giving – a dishwasher! It’s not glamorous, but considering my 20+ year old dishwasher had been broken for months, I was (and still am) very happy. When he saw my ecstatic reaction I’m sure he thought to himself, “Wow, I’ll never have to buy fancy gifts for her!”

It’s not all about appliances with me. One of my favorite gifts is a gift certificate to a spa. In my opinion, whoever invented hot tubs needs to be given a lifetime achievement award. Soaking my cares away, whether for an evening or an entire day, is one of the best gifts you could give anyone. As any mother knows, time away from home spent in quiet relaxation is a treasure.

If you have a practical gal like me in your life, perhaps a food processor, blender, or new stove would send her to the moon. You can even buy them in a racy red to spice up the kitchen. An e-Reader like a Kindle is great because it allows a person to escape for a while. Basically, anything that would make her life easier or more pleasant should make her happy. A happy gal means a happy hubby, right?

Do you like practical gifts or prefer something much more fancy? Sometimes I think practical gifts get a bad rap in the media. What do you think? Let us know!

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