Active Toys for Toddlers

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My son will be two next month. His activity level this last year has shot off the chart – he runs, throws & kicks balls, slides, digs…if you have a toddler, you know what I’m talking about. It’s necessary to keep the little ones active and burn off all that energy before bedtime. Lately I’ve been looking online for outdoor toys that are fun and will also keep him active.

The first active toy I’d love to have is a climber. When I was little our “climber” was a tree. Now you can get monstrous molded plastic climbers that have rock walls, slides, and hidey-holes that provide hours of physical fun for kids. I have a smaller backyard so I’d have to opt for a compact version – a simple ladder, slide and swing combo, perhaps. In looking at online retailers, climbers can be pricey. I think my best option is to check CraigsList or visit a consignment sale and get one gently used.

The second item I believe Jack would enjoy is a basketball hoop. Lately he’s been taking balls, throwing them into containers, then squealing with joy when he dumps them out. Jack seems ready to throw balls through a hoop & chase them down. Fortunately there are lots of adjustable basketball hoops on the market that would fit the bill. His birthday is coming up soon and I will probably purchase a basketball hoop made from molded plastic that starts at about three feet high and grows with him.

The last active toy I think Jack would ¬†enjoy is a trampoline. Decades ago, there was a mini-golf course near our house that had eight huge in-ground trampolines my sister and I spent (what seemed like) hours jumping around on. Those things were the best and the memory brings a smile to my face. ¬†Fast-forward to today, where you can not only get full-size trampolines, but they now have toddler-sized trampolines with grab bars on them. It’s amazing how times change, but still stay the same. Jack would probably have a blast bouncing his brains out. Santa may have to stuff one in his sleigh this year.

What active outdoor toys have you purchased for your kids? Which do they love the most? Let us know!

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