Practical Gifts are Good Gifts

I know there are plenty of women out there who love to get jewelry and other expensive gifts. I like those things too, but most of the time if my husband gets me birthday or anniversary gifts that are pricey I end up wondering what else we could have done with the money. Are you that way too? Diamond rings are wonderful to look at but I’d rather have something that really helps me around the house or allows me to relax a bit.

When I first met my husband I think he understood I wasn’t a fancy girl and leaned to the practical side.  That year he bought me a fabulous birthday gift that keeps on giving – a dishwasher! It’s not glamorous, but considering my 20+ year old dishwasher had been broken for months, I was (and still am) very happy. When he saw my ecstatic reaction I’m sure he thought to himself, “Wow, I’ll never have to buy fancy gifts for her!”

It’s not all about appliances with me. One of my favorite gifts is a gift certificate to a spa. In my opinion, whoever invented hot tubs needs to be given a lifetime achievement award. Soaking my cares away, whether for an evening or an entire day, is one of the best gifts you could give anyone. As any mother knows, time away from home spent in quiet relaxation is a treasure.

If you have a practical gal like me in your life, perhaps a food processor, blender, or new stove would send her to the moon. You can even buy them in a racy red to spice up the kitchen. An e-Reader like a Kindle is great because it allows a person to escape for a while. Basically, anything that would make her life easier or more pleasant should make her happy. A happy gal means a happy hubby, right?

Do you like practical gifts or prefer something much more fancy? Sometimes I think practical gifts get a bad rap in the media. What do you think? Let us know!

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