College Textbooks Meet Online Shopping

When I was a freshman starting out at college registering was quite a different experience from high school. For the first time I was on my own. All those years before mom was there to help and guide me in the process – what classes I’d take and when, purchasing supplies, and buying textbooks. Honestly, I didn’t even pay attention to what she was doing most of the time. That all changed at college.

Figuring out what classes to take and even registering for classes as a freshman was difficult. Being low man on the totem pole meant a lot of classes being full and I took what I could get. After crossing that hurdle the next big ticket item was going to the campus bookstore and buying my textbooks for the semester. Wow. Walking into the bookstore was like walking into a feeding frenzy – a sea of students vying for the least-worn copies of much-needed texts. If you were lucky to get a book that was actually usable you then had the privilege of paying a hefty price for each – sometimes triple digits! For me, the cost of tuition was far less than the bill for my textbooks. Thankfully, students (and parents who subsidize their education) have a new alternative to these high-priced publications – rent them!

Did you know you could now rent textbooks? Companies like are now available where a student can rent their textbooks for much lower rates than buying them new or even used. For example, I found that a student could rent a particular Biology book for one semester (130 days) for just over $26.00, and all books have free shipping and free returns. A student can even highlight in the book and they’ll take it back. If you’re curious about how it works, click here.

Talk about two worlds colliding – a person can do everything they need to get ready for college online. From registering for classes, buying school supplies, and even renting textbooks, all can be done from the comfort of their couch at great prices. Sounds like the end of the campus feeding frenzy as we know it. It’s another great way to shop in your PJ’s!

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