Why I’m Glad I’m Just the Shopper

It’s 9pm, the kids are finally bathed and in bed, laundry started and I just realized I’m going to run out of diapers soon.  You better believe I’m going to have a party when the last of my three is potty trained!  With my first son, I tried my best to find diaper sales, clipped coupons and ran around to the different stores to get the deal.  Then my twins came along and I didn’t have time for all of that, so Costco became my go-to diaper shopping destination.  Eventually I discovered that I could buy diapers on Amazon, often cheaper than Costco and they’d just show up at more door with no more effort than a few clicks of a mouse.   It’s just so easy from a shopper’s perspective.

On the flip side, I bet things are a bit more complicated at Amazon.  Even in the early days when they were simply an online bookstore, think of everything that goes into running an online business.  Thousands of employees doing everything from sourcing products to data entry, web traffic analysis to packing products for shipping.  Undoubtedly there is a lot of technology being employed there too, they must use some sort of marketing automation to send me those e-mails that always seem to know exactly what I want to buy.  Being that they carry pretty much every product from A to Z these days they must have some good content management software – can you imagine trying to manage a database of that size?   I wonder if their own programmers and special software written just for them or if they contract with a company like Omniture.

How did I get here from diapers?  I can’t even wrap my head around everything involved in running a company of that size.  Let’s be honest, most days it’s all I can do to keep three kids content.  I’m just glad that someone has it figured out, because they just saved me another trip to Costco!

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